The Astros Are Ready To Be Baseball "Villains" Again

The Astros have started the 2021 season pretty strong with a 5-1 record.

They're hitting, running and fielding well. Pitching has been solid for the most part.

It also looks like they've mentally prepared themselves for a year of fan distractions.

Last season, fans around the league were getting ready to boo the Astros. Plenty of examples HERE, HERE and HERE.

The pandemic ended up changing those plans and the teams had to play in empty ball parks.

As the new season begins, fans are allowed back into the ball parks and they want to be did this security guard.

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics

The Astros opened their season in Oakland playing the A's.

A's fans made sure to show their displeasure towards the Astros with banners, signs, boos and choice language.

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics

Anytime an Astros batter was hit by a pitch, the A's crowd cheered.

It was rough.

Nothing the A's fans did affected the Astros.

The Astros would end up winning all four games from that series.

They dominated on the field, winning by scores of 8-1, 9-5, 9-1 and 9-2.

Up next, were the fans in Los Angeles for the two-game series against the Angels.

Again, the trolling was strong.

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels

The Angels fans got extra creative with their disgust.

At one point, there was an inflatable trash can being tossed around in the outfield.

That inflatable trash can would eventually turn into a real one.

The Astros lost the first game against the Angels, but it wasn't because of distractions.

The final score was 7-6 with the Astros leading most of the game. The Angels managed to find hits through the Astros bullpen.

The second game was a different story.

The Astros won 4-2 and now they're headed back home.

Dusty Baker was asked about the distractions and he had a really awesome reply.

I love how these distractions aren't having any effect on the Astros.

The ability to block them out and play well is what they'll need for the rest of the season.

It's going to be a long one.

It may even be a rough one...for fans of the other teams.

The Astros look like they're focused and having a good time.

2021 will be a season to remember and you can catch every game HERE.