Man Dresses Up To Heckle Astros And SNL Jokes About Our Mascot

The Houston Astros are going to have to deal with heckling and criticism from fans all season long, and they are getting quite familiar with that during spring training.

The Astros played the St. Louis Cardinals in West Palm Beach yesterday, and one fan decided to go all-out with an outfit mocking Houston over the sign-stealing scandal.

The guy had a fake camera, a headset, and a sign that read “CURVE BALL.”

No matter how you look at it, the Astros are in for a long season.

They can do their best to ignore the noise, but the fallout from the cheating scandal is not going away any time soon.

Fans are going to be holding signs and wearing clothing that taunt the Astros for months to come.

Even Saturday Night Live took a dig at the Astros this past weekend....

As if that wasn't enough, fans from around the league are forming Facebook groups just to troll the Astros. They are buying tickets to the games and practicing their "troll chants" for when the Astros visit their team's stadium.