Finn Wolfhard Drops A Clue About When Stranger Things Will Return

Photo: Getty Images

Since the newest season of Stranger Things took over the world last summer fans have been wondering one thing, when will they get another taste? Today one of the show's stars Finn Wolfhard gave fans a pretty big hint as to when new episodes might be released. In an interview with GQ where he answered fan questions, Wolfhard told fans he would be 22 when the next season of the show drops.

It didn't take long for fans online to do the math, but the clue might have led them to a longer wait than they were hoping for. Given that Wolfhard will be 22 in 2025 fans might not have new episodes of their favorite sci-fi show for a long time. Season 4 of the series came out last year and was split into two separate releases in May and July. The time between seasons 3 and 4 was almost a full three years and fans could potentially be in for another long wait.

All that is currently known about season 5 of the show is that writing started last year, it will be eight episodes long, and it's set to begin filming in May. Netflix has also confirmed that season 5 will be the final season of Stranger Things.

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