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Worst Pet Peeves Of The Road

Traffic can be so stressful! A couple of my personal pet peeves.... 1. Going slow in the left or passing lane on the highway. It's like they are thinking they own the road and they are not going to move over to the lane they should be in, instead they force everyone to go around them. It's just rude. and 2. People that don't use their turn signals. It's bad enough when you see people make a turn at an intersection without signaling, but it's even worse when people change lanes and often times quickly right in front of you when there's not enough room between you and the car in front of you. They will pull right in that small space without a signal. Really rude, and they are the one's causing so much road rage and accidents. Anyway, here's what others had to share on a recent Reddit thread about their biggest pet peeves of the road.

Some drivers had specific complaints about the etiquette of those behind the wheel, and detailed situations in which drivers may think they're being "polite," but are actually making the road a whole lot more "dangerous."

"People who stop in the middle of a roundabout to let cars enter," swiftly_yoder wrote.

One user, LowAd3406, piggybacked off the comment, sharing a name for people who fit in the category of "polite" driving - "niceholes."

"In my city, people will stop at random intersections without any traffic signals/signs to let cars from side streets through," the user said. "Another one is randomly stopping to let someone in oncoming traffic turning left in front of them. They think they are being nice, but not following the signage makes them unpredictable and super dangerous. We even have a name for it and refer to them niceholes." 

"That one person in a lineup of cars that lets everyone in front of them," another said.

The thought of "polite" drivers stoked a fire under several other users.

"I hate it when people are "polite" while driving. It's dangerous! You're not the only one on the road, you being "polite" and having me drive through is gonna get me tboned by the next car! Don't be polite, be predictable," tony_bologna wrote. 

Several drivers agreed with the notion that being "polite" can often turn dangerous. Being "predictable," they said, is the better option.

"That one person in a lineup of cars that lets everyone in front of them," one person said. "Bonus hate for the cars that get mad at you because you refused their polite/dangerous offers."

"Being polite while driving is super dangerous and not polite at all," another agreed. "It’s very inconsiderate and selfish. Doing something just so you can pat yourself in the back and say I’m a good person isn’t worth risking everyone else on the road. I get pissed when someone is 'polite' to me. Like stop. Just be predictable."

"Do not be polite. Be predictable," joan_wilder concurred.

Others said they couldn't stand indecisive driving, or those who refuse to use their signals. Another person sparked a sub thread about drivers who fail to hit the sensors on the road.

"My pet peeve is when people slow down or stop and you have no idea what they are doing," one driver said. "I’ll yield to anything. But, please, signal your intentions!!"

"Another thing I've only experienced here (PDX) is people routinely leaving a huge space before the intersection and totally missing the sensors in the road," another said.

"The only legitimate thing I can think that might stimulate this behavior is having been ticketed for going over a line and stopping early enough that even your dash cam can see it," one person replied. "But many of the times I see it people are on their phone and they use the extra spacing as a rationalization that they're being safe about it."

Pedestrians also weighed in on the "polite" driver debate, voicing how frustrating it is to try and communicate with them.

"I hate when a nicehole stops for me as a pedestrian without the right of way," one user said. "Because then I am sitting there furiously waving him on for 30 seconds, when he could have been past me in 2."

One user threw their mother-in-law under the bus, so to speak.

"My MIL will stop in the middle of a road to let someone cross," the person wrote. "No pedestrian crossing, nothing. She'll just slam on the breaks to let them past... Everytime... And gets mad that they don't cross because why the hell would you it's weird that someone would just stop in the middle of the road. And she'll wave them across and they'll continue to not cross because again it's weird. But she believes she is being nice by letting them cross even though it makes her angry that they take forever to cross.

"And yes she has been rear ended god knows how many times and to this day does not believe she is at fault and other drivers are just too aggressive.. nothing to do with a car randomly stopping in the middle of the road."

Others offered much simpler answers when asked to describe their biggest driving pet peeves.

"Other people on the road," user AlexKewl said.

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Evening Rush Hour Traffic on Interstate 5

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