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Most Common Arguments for Couples

All couples have disagreements. This new survey finds the top things couples argue about including leaving the toilet seat up, dishes in the sink and leaving the lights on.

But the study, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by cleaning product brand Method, finds the fights aren’t always minor disagreements. Three in five respondents (59 percent) admit their domestic disputes can lead to the complete breakdown of the relationship. And 39 percent believe the bulk of their spats arise from a cleaning or household chore disagreement – with 13 percent getting into an argument about this on a daily basis!

Top 30 Most Common Household Arguments For Cohabiting Couples

1. Leaving lights on around the home

2. Leaving the toilet seat up

3. Not putting dishes away

4. Starting but not completing the housework

5. Whose turn it is to clean the floor (vacuuming, mopping, etc.)

6. Not squeegeeing the shower door/glass wall after showering

7. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor

8. Dropping crumbs in the bed

9. Not dusting properly

10. Not making the bed

11. Not listening

12. Leaving crumbs on the side

13. Not taking the trash out

14. Leaving dirty plates in the sink

15. How much time they spend on their phone

16. Leaving plates to “soak” for ages before washing up

17. Not loading/unloading the dishwasher

18. Making plans without checking you’re free first

19. Who is cooking the evening meal

20. What film/TV series to watch

21. How to decorate the house

22. Not flushing the toilet

23. How loudly they listen to music

24. Not making enough effort with each other’s family

25. The amount of sports they watch

26. Inviting people over without consulting you first

27. Who is responsible for getting the groceries

28. Having to socialize with partner’s friends

29. What to do with a spare room

30. How to manage the bills properly

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