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Buried 17th Century Treasure Found in the Bahamas

This as amazing! Most of us dream about finding a buried treasure and these people actually did find a treasure trove of jewels, medallions and historic artifacts has been uncovered in the Bahamas that date back to the legendary 17th century Maravillas shipwreck — and the public is about to get a look at it.

Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas (Our Lady of Wonders), a two-deck Spanish galleon, sank on Jan. 4, 1656, off the Little Bahama Bank in the northern Bahamas on a trip to Seville from Cuba. It had been carrying numerous treasures of both royal tax and private property. The 891-ton ship went down after colliding with its fleet flagship. It struck a reef 30 minutes later — and ultimately sank.

The remains of the vessel were scattered for several miles across the ocean, with no significant portion of the ship left behind. For more than 360 years, archeologists and adventurers have attempted to locate the debris that was lost in the wreckage.

And while much of the treasure — an estimated 3.5 million pieces, out of eight — was salvaged between 1656 and the early 1990s, modern-day technology such as high-resolution magnetometers, enhanced GPS and metal detecting has allowed Allen Exploration to bring to the surface riches beyond one’s imagination.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Allen Exploration founder Carl Allen said that he and his team began pulling up precious artifacts in July 2020 near Walker’s Cay.

High-tech tools, plus the official permission they were granted by the Bahamanian government to search the Northern Bahamas area — known to be a wreckage hotspot — have made for “quite amazing” discoveries, the entrepreneur said.

“We’ve recovered thousands of artifacts,” he said. “Cannons, anchors, emeralds and amethysts … We’re up to about 3,000 silver coins and 25 gold coins,” he added.

Treasure chest full of gold under the sea

Photo: Getty Images

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