Tips To Keep Your Pets Healthy This Summer

Your pet can get a sunburn just like you can! Here are five things you need to watch out for to keep your pets healthy this summer.

1.Don’t take bug bites or stings lightly. Life-threatening bacteria, and parasites can easily be transmitted to your pets.

2.Watch out for heatstroke. 78 degrees can be considered warm for your pet and heat exhaustion can start as soon as 83 degrees.

3.Watch out for sunburns on pets. Dogs and cats can usually get burned on their nose, tips of ears, and underbelly.

4.Never leaving pets unattended by the pool or at the beach, and consider buying a pet life-jacket or provide an easy way for them to get out of the pool

5.Finally, don’t let your pet near a snake. 300,000 dogs and cats are bitten every year by venomous snakes.

·Being careful can not only keep your pet healthy, but save you a ton in vet charges!

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