90-Year-Old Walks 6 Miles in Snow to Get COVID Vaccine

A 90-year-old Seattle woman determined to hold her great-grandson trekked through six miles of snow to receive her COVID-19 vaccine after finally scoring an elusive appointment.

Fran Goldman had been trying to secure herself a vaccine appointment, but had no luck, despite calling the Washington state Department of Health morning, noon and night, she told theSeattle Times.

So when she eventually scored one online at Seattle Children's Hospital for Sunday morning, she was determined to see it through — despite an impending snowstorm.

"I thought, 'What's the alternative?'" Goldman told theTodayshow. "So I decided to walk."

Goldman, who received a hip replacement last year, tested the waters the day before, bundling up in layers and making it two-thirds of the way to the hospital to make sure she could.

When Sunday came, she set out a little over an hour before her 9:10 a.m. appointment, dressed in fleece pants, a short-sleeved shirt, a fleece zip-up, a down coat, a rain jacket and snow boots, according to theTimes.

"I knew how far it was, I knew how long it would take me," Goldman told the outlet. "Had it been shorter, I would have been happier. But I made it."

With the first dose of her vaccine done and the second one still to go, Goldman said she is looking forward to holding her 6-month-old great-grandson Silas for the first time, and spending time with her other great-grandson, five grandchildren and four children.

"I'll be able to pick up my great-grandson and hold him," she toldToday. "I have seen him a few times, but I have not been able to give him a hug, and that is just very sad to me."