Sonic Has Two New Summer Milkshakes With Brownie And Cake Batter

Sonic quenched our thirst when it dropped two summer-ready slushes this April. The Red Bull slush made its grand return to the drive-in, while a Red Bull Watermelon version offered a brand new way to refresh. Yes, the possible brain risk of freeze is worth it.

The drive-in chain just one-upped itself by inventing the best new way to enjoy one of our favorite desserts: brownies. Sonic's brand new Brownie Batter Shake includes a hand-mixed combo of vanilla ice cream and chocolate brownie batter that's rich in flavor. Now I have absolutely zero chance of getting my summer diet back on track. But at least I'll stay cool, right?!

This month also marks thetriumphant return of Sonic's Yellow Cake Batter Shake, which was a big hit last year. It's also a hand-mixed shake with vanilla ice cream, except it includes yellow cake batter.Rich chocolate or decadent yellow cake ... How to choose?

So grab one or two (or three) while you can, folks. Like those Red Bull slushes, these two shakes are sadly available for a limited time only. You'll find themat the drive-in until Aug. 2.

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