National Gluten-Free Day

After a checkup with my doctor last September and extensive blood work, we found that I have an extremely high sensitivity to Gluten. The numbers were close to off the charts! So my Gluten-Free journey began. I have to say it's not been easy. I LOVE bread, beer, cake, cookies, fried seafood - so much food that contains flour. But I was determined to start this journey. Good thing is there are more gluten-free products today than ever. But you still have to read the labels.

It's been just over 4 months now and even though from time-to-time, especially during the holidays, I may have had foods that contain gluten, for the most part I am gluten-free. After about a month I started to feel better - No more stomach issues, no more headaches or daily fatigue. I feel more awake, more focused and have more stamina than I've had in years. It's been a bit tough but well worth it! I don't even miss bread anymore.

If you want to find out more about the Gluten-Free world, click HERE.

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