How Do You Feel About This Selena Movie Trailer? Some Selena Fans Are Livid

If you are Hispanic or Latinx, then you most likely grew up watching the fear inciting show Primer Impacto on Univision. If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain: News Reporter Maria Celeste was the anchor of the television show Primer Impacto for many years. The show was based on events that caused shock and sometimes fear in the Latino community with topics such as celebrity gossip to extraterrestial and paranormal encounters. It is safe to say the show was not and has never been a credible news source. It's publications and broadcasts have always been up for interpretation. 

Maria Celeste has made a career out of this type of journalism, after leaving Univision she soon joined Telemundo and became the anchor of a very similar show Al Rojo Vivo. It is very evident that Maria Celeste thrives in this environment of journalism. She recently caused controversy by releasing a book 20 years after the death of the late Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla. The book is titled "El Secreto De Selena"(Selena's Secret) where Maria Celeste accounts for unknown facts that lead to the assasination of Selena by Yolanda Saldivar. 

Telemundo recently announced that the infamous book would become television special and it would air sometime in 2017. A trailer for this tv special has been released and it is honestly horrific. The images are very graphic and they portray a side of the story none of us Selena Fans hoped to see, EVER. 

I will warn you there are some very graphic images below in the trailer, see for yourself: 


Many fans have spoken out about this controversial trailer. Some fans took their reactions to twitter and Facebook and spoke very poorly of the film, according to MitĂș. Before this trailer was leaked, Selena Quintanilla's sister Suset went on social media to call out Maria Celeste for the book and claimed it was filled with lies. The book portrays a darker side to the tragedy of Selena and makes very radical claims about Selena's working and personal relationship with Yolanda. Below is a video of Suset speaking out against this book and the pain it has caused the Quintanilla family: 


Maria Celeste recently went on air to answer some questions from the public regarding the controversial book. The viewers of Al Rojo Vivo asked her questions like "why make a book 20 years later?" & is this for "self promotion". Perhaps the most interesting question they asked her is if she had obtained permission from the family to make this book and publish it. Maria Celeste's response was a cold "I don't need permission from the family, this is my work and effort of investigative journalism". Celeste also claimed that she has donated all the profits from the book to charities and that the book is not a self promoting strategy. 

I sincerely do not believe that Celeste had good intentions in realeasing such explicit book. She obviously wants to make a profit off of the shock factor, because that is her expertise. Maria Celeste thrives in that journalistic agenda and this is another hope to bring in an audience. 

I will always remember Selena Quintanilla for who she was, the talented and beautiful young woman. Selena will forever be in our hearts and her music will live on for generations to come. It is hard to forget someone like her and nothing will get in the way of her legacy. How do you feel about this mi gente? 

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