How Much Would You Pay For These Dirty Jeans? I Would Pay $5 Dollars

What is the craziest and most embarrassing fashion trend you were a part of? The fashion trend that I am most ashamed of is wearing a fedora hat with almost any attire possible. But Nordstrom has just made that trend seem like nothing. Yes, I get it, ripped jeans are cool and all but this is just way too much. Nordstrom has released it's latest trendy item and it is a pair of muddy jeans valued at $425 dollars. They are called Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans. INSANE. Okay the only way I would buy those muddy jeans is if Prince himself went mudding with four wheelers in those jeans and then sold them unwashed online. For no other reason would I purchase jeans that expensive that look like a they have been through a lot. Here is a picture below of the muddy jeans: 


If you are looking into purchasing these bad boys, HERE is the link to do so. If you do please email me a picture of your nice and muddy jeans and I will put them up on the blog.

Rick Lovett

Rick Lovett

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