The Latino/Hispanic Internet Community Responds to Bieber Singing In Spanish, We Can't Stop Laughing!

With the newest release taking us by storm Justin Bieber brought out his inner Latino and sang in Spanish for the first time in the remix Despacito ft. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The Latino/Hispanic online community is very different from the one we are used to seeing in the states. Latinos can absolutely love something and completely tear it apart, it is safe to say that is how we show appreciation sometimes. As a Hispanic myself, I grew up in this environment where roasting someone for something they did was very common. Sometimes us Hispanics/Latinos might be misinterpreted for seeming feisty or aggressive. The truth is that we grew up in a very humorous environment where we were taught to be expressive and loud about our opinions. This is me trying to explain Hispanic/Latino humor to those who have never been around it. With that being said, it is no surprise the Biebs is being dragged by the internet for his Despacito remix. 

The following memes may be in Spanish but don't worry I will translate for you so we can both have a good laugh. Here are a few: 

The first one is from a recent online successful meme page Cosas Chidas ( Cool Things) 

This is a Reigonal Mexican Music artist named Christian Nodales, and it features the Biebs in his tune "Good bye mailob" (Good bye My Love)


The second one is from the same source Cosas Chidas: 

This one is from another Regional Mexican Music Artist El Komander ft Justin Bieber and the tune is called "Si sir, Yo from the rancho" ( Yes sir I am a country/farm boy) The reason why this one stands out, is because the original song is an Anthem for Mexicans to take pride in their roots of growing up as a farm/country boy, which is very common in Mexico. So what this one is trying to portray is Bieber taking pride in being an adaptive "Hispanic"artist.


The third one is from a fan page called Bliebers

This one is a spoof of Justin singing with his acoustic guitar but they have laid over the video a track of the Regional Mexican Music Genre Corridos. Corridos are very common in Mexico, and many times they speak from the heart. Here is the video of Justin Singing a "Corrido":


Last but not least my favorite one so far, another meme from Cosas Chidas:

 This one has already one won because it is by the Mexican artist Paquita La Del Barrio (A Mariachi Music Icon) featuring Bieber in the song "Mouse De two Patas" (Mouse With Two Feet). This mariachi tune, "Rata De Dos Patas" is a classic dis track. Every single hispanic woman that has gone through a breakup/heartache  has sang this song at the top of her lungs, especially if tequila is involved. Paquita is a very feared and respected woman thanks to this dis track, so Bieber just standing next to her creates a hilarious anomaly.


What is very appealing of this current internet sensation is to blend two things that don't go together. Like I said above, we Latinos will absolutely love something and still tear it apart and have a good laugh. This does not mean Latinos/Hispanics hate the track, they love the remix, but this phenomenon occurs when two cultures clash together. Music is a universal language that can break walls. This satire created by the online Latino community is to better understand the diffusion of language barriers that Justin Bieber portrays in this remix. Comedy, and in this case memes, may be the best way to collide two different cultures together and unite as one.

Rick Lovett

Rick Lovett

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