BREAKING: Two Adults Dead and Two Children Injured At San Bernardino Elementary School After A Shooting Occured

With a heavy heart I am reporting this news of a school shooting at San Bernardino Elementary in California. At this moment police officials have confirmed that two adults are dead and two children are injured. The state of health that the children are currently is critical according to authorities.

 According to NBC Los Angeles, the alleged shooter has not been identified for he took his own life before police reached to him. His apparent motive of harm was not directed at the students, police have said it was directed at adult employees of the schools. The children unfortunately were  caught in the fire of this occurrence. NBC Los Angeles has informed that the rest of the school was evacuated to a nearby high school and parents were instructed to pick up their children from that location.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these children and teachers/staff of San Bernardino Elementary. Please hold your children close and say a prayer if you can for this town that is going through tremendous hardship.

You can read more about this incident here: NBC Los Angeles 

Fox 11 Los Angeles is currently reporting live and showing images on site, watch below: 

Rick Lovett

Rick Lovett

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