If Mark Zuckerberg Has Time To Work Out (With A Baby On His Back) Then So Do We

We are all in distress because the summer is near and our bodies are not where we want them to be, well at least I am dieting and exercising frantically to reach my goal before June. Okay I am exaggerating, but I have made some changes to my diet and developed a work out plan. Mark Zuckerberg the creator and owner of Facebook, is showing us how it's done when it comes to working out and getting healthy. He has a beautiful one year old daughter named Maxima and she is Mark's work out buddy.

I know we have all made the excuse that it is really difficult to find time to work out, but after seeing this video you will reevaluate your excuses and realize that if the C.E.O. of Facebook can workout for 20-30 minutes a day, than so can we! See for yourself below:

Rick Lovett

Rick Lovett

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