The Justice League Trailer Is Out! Can DC Make A Comeback?

Although justice has been struggling with good ratings, it is still stacking money on profits. In this day and age, it is almost a cultural requirement to keep up with Comic Book hero movies. DC comics has not received good praises for it's two latest films: Batman vs Superman & Suicide Squad, but people still went out and watched it. I am more than positive that after seeing the trailer for the Justice League many people will go out and watch this film too. DC is currently competing with Marvel on profits as they have done so for decades. DC has an advantage and if they use this, I believe they can make a comeback. Marvel is under Disney now and Disney is a family oriented company. I am not saying that Warner Brothers and DC Comics isn't, all I am saying is that R rated hero movies sell and they sell very nicely. For example, Deadpool was the first R rated film since the franchise was sold to Disney and so far it has been the highest grossing marvel film of all time. Kids want hero movies but us adults want them too and when you cater to us adults who have the money to spend, you make good movies and you get a good profit. In conclusion, DC can make a comeback if they will follow Deadpool and Logan's example.

In this trailer we do not see Superman in the photo which he is missing and is currently dead in their universe but I am pretty sure he will appear. From what this looks like, the Justice League is fighting some type of robot alien army that is trying to invade the world as always. The teamwork and dynamics in heroes really makes for an interesting plot. The film is set to be released in November of this year. Watch the trailer below and see for yourselves: 

Rick Lovett

Rick Lovett

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