"Rogue One" & "A New Hope" Have Been Spliced Together, And It Has Brought Balance To The Force

*If you have yet to see Rogue One I warn you, there is spoilers in the following video.*

The most recent and underestimated star wars film Rogue One "has fulfilled it's destiny" according to The A.V. Club. Episode 3.5 of the Star Wars Saga, if we must place it on a timeline, made an astonishing 980 million dollars at the box office globally. Although Lucas Film ltd. and Disney made us wait another year to find out who Rey's parents are, we are pleased that they gave us this amazing film and homage to the original trilogy. Rogue One captured the things we loved the most about the original Star Wars films. Since Rogue One and A New Hope fit so well together, a mashup video was made and let me warn you it will blow you away. Watch the video below:     


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Rick Lovett

Rick Lovett

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