Why Bruno Mars' Prince Tribute Was So Iconic

As we found out las week, The Grammys planned to honor the late Prince at this year's award show. I was thrilled to hear this as you all probably were too. Bruno Mars amused us all with his electrifying performance for several reasons. First and foremost we can all agree that we expected Prince to be honored with perhaps his biggest hit Purple Rain, and by the end of that performance we would all be sobbing because that song does that to us who still mourn his death. Now, this is not the first time Bruno Mars covers one of Prince's songs, he did a mashup of Marry You and Purple Rain; you can watch it HEREThe second reason why we were all amused by this, was because Bruno performed Let's Go Crazy. Why is this important? This song choice captures everything Prince left us behind, that is his energetic and electrifying energy on stage and as an entertainer. Dressed in a purple sparkle suit, Bruno Mars left us all in lightheartedness because it actually felt like Prince himself was there on stage. Bruno also used one of Prince's signature guitars to deliver those hard rifts and solos which added to the aesthetics of Prince. Lastly, the beginning of Let's Go Crazy begins with these lyrics:

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here today

To get through this thing called "life" - Prince, Let's Go Crazy

These lyrics can signify a celebration of life, or a message that life is too short for any of us to sit around and not celebrate one another. Not only is this a great party anthem, but this is also a message of hope through Prince's music, an effort to turn your moment of hardship into a celebration.

Bruno Mars captured the essence of Prince visually with all of this dance moves and solos, but most importantly his song choice is what truly delivered a great tribute to the late Prince. Although we all wanted a somber honoring with Purple Rain, we received an electrifying celebration of what Prince was all about. Thank you Bruno Mars!

This was the last time Prince performed Let's Go Crazy on live television at the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2007:   

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Rick Lovett

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