This Year's Celebrity Halloween Costumes

1. TRAVIS BARKER and KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN were supposed to be Sid & Nancy, but they looked about as punk as Pam & Tommy.

2. MEGAN THEE STALLION was the sexiest "Pinhead" I've ever seen . . . and also a pretty amazing Cruella De Vil.

3. I appreciate deep dives when it comes to Halloween costumes, so KENDALL JENNER gets some dap for dressing as an alien in disguise from Tim Burton's underappreciated classic"Mars Attacks".

4. Speaking of deep dives, CHLOE BAILEY dresses as Lola, the sexy fish Angelina Jolie voiced in"Shark Tale". She was also Betty Boop.

5. ARIANA GRANDE went over and above like she always does, as a female Creature from the Black Lagoon.

6. TAYLOR SWIFTspent Halloween doing "hot squirrel[stuff]."

7. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and his family dressed as, like, all the horror movies.

8. LIL NAS X did an amazing Lord Voldemort. He also did Seth Powers from"Ned's Declassified".

(WARNING: The music in the first Voldemort videothat comes up here contains profanity. There's also bad language in one of the Seth powers clips.)

9.  HAILEY BIEBERrecreated several of Britney Spears'classic looks. She also did a black cat thing to go out withJUSTIN. . . who wore a bear suit.

10. JOHN LEGEND, CHRISSY TEIGEN, and their crew were the Addams Family.

11. KERRY WASHINGTON was a"Squid Games" contestant.

12. CIARA's "Selena" costume was on fire.

13. AARON RODGERS was John Wick. . . and yes, that's why he grew his hair.

14. HARRY STYLES dressed as Dorothy from"The Wizard of Oz" during a show at Madison Square Garden.

15. As creative as the Beatles were, RINGO STARR and PAUL MCCARTNEYcouldn't do much better than generic Party City-level masks.

16. KEN JEONG and his wife were Shaggy and Daphne. . . and their dog was Scooby

18. Is Dia de los Muertos played out? SHAWN MENDES and CAMILA CABELLO don't think so.

19. I think this year's trophy goes to LIZZO . . . for cruising Hollywood as Baby Yoda. . . and doing the"Thriller" dance during a gig, dressed as the "Red Light, Green Light" doll from"Squid Games"

(WARNING: Here's a HILARIOUS video of Lizzo on the town as Baby Yoda, but it's got a barely-audible B-word in it.)

Photo: The Chili


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