Angry Birds Attack Unsuspecting Residents In Dallas Suburb

Photo: Getty Images

Unsuspecting residents in Southlake, Texas, are getting dive bombed when they go outside.

The attackers are a pair of angry birds, and these aren't the bright colored ones from the video game. They're actually a pair of very protective Mississippi Kites that live in the Timarron neighborhood off E. Continental Blvd.

“You don’t see it approaching you. You don’t hear it, and all of a sudden you get hit in the head, pretty good. Felt like someone threw a softball and hit me in the head," resident Lou Romano told CBS DFW.

Mississippi kites aren't new to DFW, and they'll generally leave people alone unless they're taking care of their young. Then the grey and black bird will swoop out of the air and towards the heads of people who are too close to their nest.

WFAA reporters got an up close look at a kite when it dive bombed a camera man in 2019.

Wildlife experts say this is just nature being nature, and there's not much people can do about the birds because they're federally protected.

“You can do things to discourage them from nesting in the area, but once they have a nest with eggs you can’t legally touch it. So you just have to let nature run its course at that point," Brad Hazelton, the bird curator at the Fort Worth Zoo, told CBS DFW.

Wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella can protect a person's head from the kites, but the birds will back off once their babies have left the nest.

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