WandaVision Reaction and Retrospective on the Series

This show was a lot of fun for me and I'm elated that it was successful for Marvel and Disney because that likely means we're going to get more and more of these series in the years to come, even after the ones they've already announced. WandaVision took a lot of cues and elements from a comic series called "The West Coast Avengers" (aka "Avengers West Coast") which I read as a kid, and one of the benefits of the streaming episodes format is the higher likelihood of using more obscure storylines and characters from deep in the Marvel Comics history. Tons of fun for a lifelong Marvel fan like me!

Joe, Don Marvin, Jess and Chase talk WandaVision episode 9, and give a retrospective on the series as a whole. This was the big series finale from Marvel, featuring the latest fates for the Vision & Scarlet Witch on Disney+! @joebombed on twitter

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Image: Marvel Studios

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