15 Old-Fashioned Couple Nicknames We Should Bring Back

Cute couple names such as "Boo" and "Bae" have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but terms of endearment are nothing new. Couples have been making up sickeningly sweet names for one another since forever. In fact, there are some pretty great old-fashioned couple nicknames that we should bring back. These old-timey pet names are a great way to make your partner feel loved (or maybe mildly annoyed).

So what's in a nickname, after all? In general, these cutesy names tend to mean positive things for a relationship. In fact, couples who used terms of endearment with one another reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction, according to a study from Superdrug Online Doctor. As long as both partners are cool with the specific nicknames, then it does does appear to help with their bond. (That said, not everyone likes pet names, and that's OK too.)

So if you want to shower your partner in affection, look no further than some of the best romantic pet names of all time. It's a fun and playful way to keep your relationship interesting, and these types of names can really bond you as a couple. And if the names are far too embarrassing to repeat in public, well, that's even better. Read on to find the next name for your beloved.

1. Darling

This is such a lovely, traditional pet name. It's appropriate for anyone you happen to be dating.

2. Doll

It's another sweet choice, and this one comes with endless variations. Doll-face and Baby-doll are also great.

3. Sweetheart

Let me call you sweetheart . . . because it's an adorable term of endearment.

4. Cuddles

This one was new to me, but it looks like Cuddles is a popular pet name in the UK, according to the Daily Mail. It's adorable.

5. Pet

Pet is another common nickname in the Northeast of England, according to Fluent in 3 Months.

6. Honey

It's a cute, classic pet name. Plus, any name that references sweet treats is pretty fun.

7. Honey Bunch

And if regular Honey isn't enough, then go for Honey Bunch. (The only downside: this nickname might make you crave cereal.)

8. Pumpkin

If you live for all things autumn and PSLs, then this is a perfect name. Really, calling someone Pumpkin is an honor.

9. Turtle Dove

It's another cute, unique option. Plus, turtle doves do appear to mate for life, according to The Mercury News.

10. Sugar

This is another pet name with a long history. As it turns out, Sugar has been used as a term of endearment since at least the 1930s, according to The New Republic. It's time for a comeback.

11. Dear

This one is still used sarcastically pretty often, like in the phrase "Yes, dear." But it's still a sweet word at heart. To make it a little cuter, consider "dearie" or "deary".

12. Main Squeeze

This term also feels delightfully retro.

13. Angel Face

Angel Eyes or simply Angel also work.

14. Cutie

It's another classic, short and simple.

15. Dreamboat

Honestly, this one has such a delightful, old-fashioned ring to it. The next time you see your sweetheart, try out this or some other old-fashioned term of endearment.

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