Ray's Review: The Meg

The Meg

Rating: B-

Hollywood is back looking for ways to keep us afraid of the water and their latest attempt is going bigger than ever in Jon Turteltaub's The Meg. In this intense shark story, a group of ocean researchers break through an atmosphere barrier at the bottom of the ocean to discover a whole world never before seen by man, but when they do they also manage to release something none of them could prepare for - a megalodon shark. Jason Statham takes on the leading role in this film as Jonas Taylor and deep water rescue diver who has seen the effects of what this beast can do before. He stars alongside Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Rudy Rose, and Winston Chao. Now I know this film will not get great reviews from your typical critics, but what did we think about it? Let's break it down!

You bought tickets to see The Meg. You must be here to see people fight a giant shark. You hope you get what you paid for. Well, I have good news for you! That is exactly what you will see. More good news? You are going to have fun while you do it. No one showed up to see this movie hoping for a deep plot (outside of the water depth). Humans Vs the biggest shark the ocean can throw at us. That is why we are here. If you came for that you will have a blast. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. If you just take it for what it is then it is a good time with plenty of action and tons of laughs. Rainn Wilson who plays, Morris, the billionaire who funded the entire research project is a trip and a half. Page Kennedy who plays Dj and is the drone specialist will keep you laughing. The sarcasm runs strong in this movie. The action is at times over the top, but again, did you remember you were seeing a film about a giant shark attacking the world? You can see over the top and The Meg delivers in plenty. 

The casting choices are pretty perfect. Seeing Jason Statham back on the big screen kicking ass reminded me of why I like him as an actor in the first place. Bingbing Li as Suyin is our female lead and she is just as brave as she is no-nonsense. Ruby Rose as Jaxx was surprisingly pretty good as the computer tech in the movie, even if her hair in the film made me twitchy. Plus her serious brooding throughout the movie just solidified that she will probably be a pretty awesome Batwoman, so there you go. 

The film is packed with all the special effects the special effects department could throw at you in one film. From high-speed chases to explosions, to the giant shark themselves this film has got it covered. The shark does have moments and jump scares that will give your heart a slightly quicker beat. It's less scary if you mentally think "Herrrrrre's Johnny" to yourself after every jump scare. 

All in all, The Meg is a fun summer film for what it is. We gave it a B-. Take your friends and don't plan on having a serious evening here. Plan for fun, which is exactly what The Meg delivers, and you won't be disappointed.  This film may not keep you out of the water, but it will entertain you for two hours while you get out of the summertime heat.

Check out The Meg in theaters everywhere August 10th. 

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