Ray's Review: Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Rating: A

Ethan Hunt and his team are back with more espionage and intrigue is Mission: Impossible Fallout. This time the crew is finding themselves taking on old enemies and facing a threat that could potentially cause some serious global damage. After a mission goes horribly wrong and the stakes are elevated the team is forced to face some hard choices about their methods if they are going to once again save the world from absolute carnage. 

I have to say that out of all of the Mission: Impossible films this one has to be my favorite. I am not sure how they manage to up their stunt game every time but they do hands down. The action in the film is unreal and if you keep in the back of your mind that Tom Cruise is doing almost all of his own stunts is pretty impressive. The guy is a beast. The other nice thing that has upped the game for us in this film is Superman, himself, Henry Cavill. The man is built like a tank and takes on the role of CIA skull-cracker August Walker. His fighting scenes are brutal, to say the least. Rebecca Ferguson is back in the role of Ilsa Faust and she is kicking all kinds of ass throughout the film, usually while on the back of a motorcycle. And if you are looking for the heart of the team Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg are back in the roles of Luther and Benji just to keep things on the level. 

Writer/Director Christopher McQuarrie and writer Bruce Geller have done a great job weaving together this high-action spy tale. They have really created a fun and intense film for audiences to enjoy. Honestly, I am not even sure how you can come up with writing a story that weaves in and out of itself as well as they have here, but they have done it. You don't necessarily need to have seen the previous films to follow this, but it will certainly help you keep up with the story a little easier since there are lots of references to past films, old missions, and character storylines especially with Michelle Monaghan's role as Julia Meade-Hunt. Seeing this film will almost want to make you go back and rewatch the previous ones anyway, so maybe a refresher is in order before seeing this. 

Overall, this is a kick-ass film. There is so much happening at any turn that you are almost guaranteed not to get bored. If suspense is your thing then you will be in the right place this weekend as you buckle up for Mission: Impossible - Fallout. This film earned itself an easy A from us. Block out some time this weekend and check out Mission: Impossible - Fallout and find out why critics and fans everywhere are hyped about this film. 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout opens in theaters everywhere July 27th. 

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