Ray's Review: Sorry To Bother You

Sorry To Bother You

Rating: B+

If you like movies that are a little left of center then look no further than the wild and crazy film Sorry to Bother You. In this film, Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out) plays Cassius Green, a young man who is down on his luck and trying to make ends meet. He lives in his uncle's garage with his girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson) and wants to find an honest way out. When he takes a job as a telemarketer he soon learns that there is a secret for black men that can propel them to the top of the telemarketing food chain and into some serious money - using your white voice. While Cassius's career starts to climb and push him into a whole new world he starts to quickly realize things are never quite what they seem and sometimes success comes at a steep price. 

This movie was one hell of a trip. There is no exaggeration there. It is crazy. The first half of the film is pretty much what you see from the trailers, but sometime in the second half shit goes so far off the rails that you may have trouble even remembering where you live anymore. This movie is packed with some interesting takes on social and political issues. I definitely don't want to give too much away, because half of the entertainment factor of this film was watching people's reactions to most of it. The movie is packed with laughs, some serious thought-provoking moments, and then a ton of WTF. I have heard people either love it or outright hate it. I feel like I need to see it again to fully take it all in. I didn't dislike it, but I am not sure I am in love with it in the same way some critics have been praising it. I don't know that this will do incredibly well in the mainstream theaters, because much of it feels like it is geared toward an indie crowd. When this debuted at SXSW people were in the street losing their minds about how good it was and while I may not be shouting from the rooftops about this movie, I have an almost primal need for other people to see this film because I just want to hear what they think about it. There is great acting from the cast. Armie Hammer as Steve Lift is so insane, self-absorbed, and over the top that it could not fit better with this movie. Tessa Thompson, as our artistic breathe of fresh air in the movie and fashionista is amazing despite the fact that I still don't really get performance art. Steven Yeun who is our social warrior fighting for the rights of the other telemarketers is just strong enough to be believable. Shout out's to David Cross and Patton Oswalt for providing the "white voices" to some of these characters. They were hilarious. Lastly, shout out to Forest Whitaker for his role in the movie, because, I did not even know he was in this until I read the IMDB page. Wow, man, wow. 

Overall, we scored Sorry To Bother You with a Solid B+. This movie won't be for everyone and when I say leave your kids at home for this one, I sincerely mean it. If you want a movie that will have you talking in the car the entire way home this is the one for you. Prepare to be blown away by the bizarre but thought-provoking story from writer/director Boots Riley. You may never be the same after watching it. 

Sorry To Bother You hits theaters everywhere July 13, 2018.

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