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ATX TV Festival

ATX Tv Festival has come and gone for its 7th season this year. HFF was on-site to experience what many festival-goers call the best festival in Austin. While it was definitely an experience like no other, this baby festival still has plenty of room for growth. Though it is still pretty young it is still bringing some very talented stars and show creatives to the Lone Star State and puts them within reach of the fans. If TV is your thing then the ATX TV Festival should definitely be on your radar for the years to come. Check out our interview with the co-founders Caitlin McFarland & Emily Gibson below to learn a little more about this unique festival experience. 



HBO is bringing us another riveting series from the mind that brought us Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn. Sharp Objects takes us to the small town of Wind Gap, MO where former Wind Gap resident Camille has returned to cover the murder of one young girl and the disappearance of another for the newspaper she works for. Struggling to keep her own demons at bay Camille must not only investigate a town she left far behind her but also take a good look at the past she tries so hard to forget. Amy Adams takes on the title role of the show and does a pretty amazing job to bring this slightly broken character to the big screen. Sharp Objects will have keep you guessing every step of the way as this twisted tale unfolds starting July 8th on HBO. We got the chance to talk to Amy Adams on the red carpet so check out the interview below.



One of the most entertaining parts of the ATX TV Festival was hands down the new show CONDOR. This spy drama introduces us to Joe Turner, a CIA analyst who learns more than he should and suddenly becomes a target from the very organization that employs him. On the run with no one, he can turn to things quickly take a turn for the insane in this high energy game of cat and mouse.

This show was easily one of our favorite shows to debut at ATX TV Festival. It is engaging and fun to watch. The casting could not be better and the story is a fun one to follow.  We got the chance to sit down and talk with one of the cast members of the show Katherine Cunningham so definitely check out the interview and the photos from the panel at ATX TV Fest 2018!



The NBC comedy Trial & Error makes its return to TV with an all-new case to crack. This new season is called "Lady Killer" and is adding the very talented Kristen Chenoweth to the cast as our prime suspect who is accused of murdering her husband. There is no shortness of comedy and we can only hope we get some looks at some of our past favorites making appearances in this next season. If you haven't checked this one out definitely do so, especially if you are a fan of shows like Parks and Recreation or The Office. This should be right up your alley. Check out our red carpet interviews with the cast and creatives below!



While we didn't get a chance to check out this new show you can't deny the excitement coming from it's cast James Jafferty and Stephen Colletti. The guys crowd-funded this project and you can tell this is a true labor of love. Check out our interviews with James, Stephen, and Michelle Lang on the red carpet at ATX TV Festival below.


Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal of the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil (and writer of a small show you may have heard of called Everybody Loves Raymond) took to the red carpet at the ATX TV Festival to talk about the new season of his very fun and charming Netflix show. Foodies are sure to fall in love with Phil's quirky and offbeat looks at cuisine from all over the world. Check out our red carpet interview with Phil below and don't miss Somebody Feed Phil's latest season now playing on Netflix.

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