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Rating: A

Dwayne Johnson is back on the big screen bringing to life one of video game's classic games Rampage.In the film, Johnson plays Davis Okoye a primatologist who has a special connection with the primates in his care at the zoo. One named George he has a special bond with since he rescued George from poachers when he was young. They communicate via sign language and George is very likable from the second he is on the screen with a big presence and personality to easily rival Johnson's. Things are going pretty well when a space station experiences some serious issues, forcing one astronaut to evacuate with a series of test samples that are not even close to the usual science fair stuff. These samples can turn normal size animals in to monster sized killing machines. When the rescue pod carrying our astronaut and the samples explodes upon re-entry it scatters three of the capsules across the US and three unlucky animals are exposed. A wolf, a gator, and our friend George. With an evil corporation and the US government fighting to get these animals into their possession, Davis and scientist Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) must risk everything to protect not only George but the rest of the world from the ever-growing beasts.

Okay, I just have to say I definitely judged this film poorly watching the trailer initially. I was expecting this movie to be straight up terrible and then you know what happened? I went and had a blast watching. This was a fun film. Thank you, Dwayne Johnson, for showing us video game movies do not have to suck. This was a solid action film. And weirdly like a buddy comedy between George and Davis. I think I could watch more films with the two of them in it and be just fine with that. As far as action movies go this one is pretty solid and definitely deserves some of your attention. If you like movies with The Rock you should enjoy this one. It is witty, funny, packed with action. Our bad guys in the film Claire Brett Wyden (Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy) are pretty typical as siblings running an evil corporating caring only about the bottom line and totally cool with doing highly illegal things to raise their stock values. Harris as Kate Caldwell was a fun addition and loaded with plenty of snark to keep her character interesting. One of the things I was watching and laughing a lot about was Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays government agent Harvey Russell. For fans of the AMC Series The Walking Dead, if you want to see what Negan may have been like before we all started eating each other's faces off, then this is the movie for you. It was kinda of funny and kind of awesome. He is exactly the sarcastic ass he plays on the show except for this time he is one of the good guys helping Davis and kate along the way. it is a serious trip.

Overall I gave this film a solid A. It was everything you want and expect from an action film and it gets bonus points for being a good movie that is based on a video game. Our villains even have the old stand-up arcade game in their office at one point. The film has great visual effect and while of course, some people may hate on this saying that the story and action sequences may be unrealistic, just tell them to shut up and remind them it is a movie and it doesn't have to be realistic, it just needs to be entertaining and fun and this one is.

Don't miss Rampage when it hits theaters everywhere April 13, 2018.

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