Ray's Review: Game Night

Game Night

Rating: A

If you are a fan of witty fun comedies then you don't need to look any further than the new film starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, Game Night. The film centers around a young couple who are huge fans of game nights, whether it is bar trivia or an at home game of Charades they are all over. However, one rather typical game night at their brother's house with some friends turns their world upside down. When Max's (Bateman) brother tries to turn their game night up a notch they find themselves in a real-life fight for their lives in this crazy fun film. 

This film may seem like a typical slapstick comedy, but I genuinely enjoyed it. It felt fresh and original. I loved all the characters and the relatable plot of friends just wanting to get together for game night. Jason Bateman basically plays his typical sarcastic self, which is fine by me, I know exactly what I am getting with him. I really enjoyed Rachel McAdams as his wife Annie. She is funny in all the right moments and I spent a lot of the film wondering why we haven't seen her in more films like this one. Realy the whole cast has such great chemistry together on screen that this will easily make its way into my regular rotation of comedies I like to watch. Sure there are parts of the story that is over the top, but who cares, we expect that from comedies like these. Real everyday people aren't suddenly going to be able to fight the seedy criminal underworld like a boss, but these guys manage to do it without dying which is a feat in itself. There are plenty of plot twists that you probably won't see coming and those are so much fun to watch. 

Overall, Game Night scored an easy A from me. This is a quality film that you are your gamer buddies should get together and see. It is silly and over the top, but also chock full of sweet one-liners and dripping with on-point sarcasm. Oh, and also, much like a Marvel film, you need to stay until the end of the credits for this one for a funny little bonus. It is not a long wait since most of the credits are animated and funny themselves, but it is worth a laugh to stay until the end.  So with that said, keep a spot open this weekend to check out Game Night and be ready for a good time. 

Game Night opens in theaters everywhere February 23rd. 

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