Ray's Review: Red Sparrow

Rating: A+

If you are looking for a film that highlights how bad ass female spies can be then you needn't look any further than Francis Lawrence's new film starring Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow. This spy thriller is easily this year's Atomic Blonde. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika, a prima ballerina from Russia who dances to pay for her ailing mother (Joely Richardson). Her simple life is thrown into upheaval when a serious accident ends her dancing career. Faced with eviction her uncle (Matthias Schoenaerts) who works for Russian intelligence makes her an offer that she can't refuse. He will make sure that she and her mother will be taken care of if she helps him with one small government job. With no other option, she reluctantly says yes and it is not long before she finds herself in a strict government program called Sparrow School when she learns the art of seduction and how to make her body into a serious weapon. it is not long before she is ready for her first mission, taking down a member of the CIA. 

This film was just insane and I mean that in the best way possible. Lawrence brings a whole new meaning to the term Bad Ass! If you have forgotten why everyone loves her as an actress Red Sparrow will quickly remind you that she is a force to be reckoned with when she is on screen. It is hard to review this film without giving too much away. there are so many twists and turns, as with any good spy flick, that to dig too deeply into any of them would ruin the surprise and plot for the viewer. I will say if you are looking for a good healthy dose of girl power than this is the film for you. There are scenes that are just plain brutal to watch and let me tell you when sex is used as a weapon you can count on there being some fairly disturbing content coming your way and there is. There are plenty of things in this film that will surprise and shock you and that is what makes this such an engaging film to watch. With an almost 2 and a half hour runtime, this film flies by. Director Francis Lawrence does a good job of shining a light on how women are just seen for what they are worth to men in many parts of the world. The film counts on men being incredibly simple and predictable creatures and they don't let us down most of the time. Though not all the men in this film fall into the sleazebag category. Joel Edgerton who plays our CIA operative who is right in the crosshairs of our Heroine is pretty perfect in his role. He is a good yin to Lawrence's yang in this film.  They work well together on screen. He fits the role of the typical American "Cowboy" stereotype. 

Overall we gave Red Sparrow a solid A+. This film is 100% worth your time to see. There is lots of suspense and it is a delightful thriller to experience. Yes, there are some cringy moments throughout especially as we see Lawrence going through her Sparrow training, but seeing this woman right to the occasion with every obstacle thrown her way is so cool to see. Francis Lawrence has really given us a pretty perfect spy film here wrapped up in a big red bow. Do not miss this one. it's nuts. 

Red Sparrow hits theaters everywhere March 2nd. 

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