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Rating: B

If stoner comedies are your thing then you really need to be excited about the new web series that will be lighting up at a computer near you soon, High & Mighty. The series follows a loveable screw-up Marcelo “Chelo” Chavez (Jorge Diaz) who promises his girlfriend and family that he will give up drugs and alcohol and get his life together. The first episode shows us Chelo getting his ankle monitor removed and heading for a real job interview after spendings the last few years making money by signing up as a test subject for a lot of random medical clinical trials. Things are looking up for him after 3 months of being sober. However, when his interview crashes and burns and he runs into his old friends Chelo quickly falls off the wagon and in about 6 minutes into the episode we have a very wasted Chelo on our hands.  As he and his friends head back home they are victims of a drive-by shooting. Chelo is struck down by an insane amount of machine gun bullets only to get up and realize he is completely unharmed....except for the fact he peed his pants. This leads ut bumbling hero down a path as he starts to figure out that every time he gets drunk or high he becomes impervious to pain and harm and that, my friends, is where the show gets really interesting.

These episodes are really short as most web series tend to be. Each runs around 10-15mins in length but despite the shortness, they really get a lot across to the viewer. I genuinely loved this series. Diaz brings a lot of character to this role. Is Chelo a total mess? Yes, but he is also sweet and really does try to do the right thing despite not realizing that sometimes he is completely selfish. When he realizes he has done wrong he tries to correct his mistakes. His friends, for the most part, try to lead him down the right path despite not really having their lives together either. As we learn more about Chelo's "Condition" it takes us down a darker path of finding out the truth about some of these "clinical" trials he took part in and if he will step up to use his newfound powers for good or for selfish purposes. 

One of the things I really enjoyed about the series is that it never gets to taking itself too seriously. How serious can we get when our hero has to be wasted to become Superman? It is a light and easy watch because of that. There are parts that are way over the top silly, especially when Mr. Knotts (James Eckhouse) comes into the picture but trust me, this was a pretty cool concept for a series and despite it being silly it also carries with it a lot of heart.

Overall, we gave High & Mighty a solid B rating. This web series needs to definitely be on your radar.  It is a funny good time and I look forward to seeing where season 2 of this show will take us. There is no set release date for this series, other than them telling us it is coming soon. It is currently making the rounds at film festivals like Sundance currently so hopefully, the wait shouldn't be too long. 

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