Ray's Review: Black Panther

Rating: A+

Well, everyone, Marvel has done it again by not only bringing us an amazing superhero film, they have actually brought us the best one yet. Black Panther hits theaters this weekend and let me tell you the hype is no joke. This film will blow your freakin mind. Chadwick Boseman suits up as our hero T'Challa/Black Panther in this film and he is just so good.  The film tells the story of the Black Panther, how this character came to be, and the rich history of the land of Wakanda. When T'Challa's father passes away it is up to him become the new King of Wakanda and become the countries new Black Panther. When a group of mercenaries threatens to not only expose the truth of Wakanda to the outside world and steal all their resources it is up to T'Challa to rise up and protect his people and their very way of life.

It is hard to not get excited talking about this film. Everything from the gorgeous visual effects to the amazing cast there really wasn't anything overlooks while making this film. Michael B. Jordan takes on the role of our Villain Erik Killmonger and all I have to say is damn, boy! If there is a scary good villain in films that don't make the mistakes of other movie villains it is this guy. While most baddies take the time to tell you their entire plan before they strike, Killmonger just gets down to business and talks later. He is a force to be reckoned with and is it weird I really do like his hair? Anyways, he is a stone cold bad ass in this film. Wanna know how many push-ups he did to get in shape for this role? All of them. I am sure of it.  One of my other favorite characters in this film is T'Challa's top general Okoye played by Danai Gurira (you will know her from her equally badass role as Michonne in The Walking Dead). From her amazing fighting style to just being able to the wittiest woman in the room is enough to make you in awe of this woman. She is just plain cool.  Lastly, I need to give some serious love to Chadwick Boseman himself for his portrayal of Black Panther. He is everything you want in a superhero. He is so multidimensional. He really tries to think before acting and do the right thing for not only himself but also mankind. He comes from a rich cultural background and shines with everything he does. Despite the loses he has faced they don't define him as a person and we don't see him mope about the way some other heroes may have. He gets it done and it is a delight to witness. I could spend the rest of the day going through this list of the amazing cast of characters, but to keep things brief they are all stellar and bring so much to the film.

There is going to be something for everyone in this film to enjoy. Like action? They have a ton of it. Want to laugh? They have jokes. Want a deep storyline? Done! This may be the closest we get to a perfect Marvel film. if you can actually find a ticket anywhere for this film (the presales have been through the roof) get out there and see Black Panther this weekend. Seriously, trust me. You will not be dissapointed. And despite it being a longer film, about 2 and a half hours, definitely keep you butts in the seats until the very very end of the credits as the film has two cut scenes for you to enjoy, one in the middle of the credits and one at the very end. 

Black Panther hits theaters everywhere February 16th. 

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