Ray's Review: Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed

As we roll into Valentine's Day we are graced with the third and final Fifty Shades film, Fifty Shades Freed. Ana and Christian are back to spice up your Valentine's with this much more action filled sequel (and for once we aren't just talking about sex). In this installment we kick things off with the wedding we have all been waiting for, as Ana and Christian tie the knot. The newlyweds seem blissfully happy until their past catches up with them. When a series of attacks on Grey Enterprises happens it leaves the happy couple more than a little uneasy. Tensions will mount as the threat grows greater and greater with each passing day until they will be forced to deal with this threat head-on in an unexpected way. I am not going to lie, it did not feel like I was describing a Fifty Shades film there....

The thing about the final film in this series that I think will bring in a lot more interested people is the fact that the film isn't solely driven by sex. Now we are faced with a suspense thriller with some action in it. Maybe it was just me but this last film definitely tones down the sex and amps up the action to 11. Not to say there isn't plenty of steamy scenes in the film because there is, but they seem significantly less than in the other two movies.  Also, these characters feel like they have actually grown more than what we are used to seeing. The two are still head over heels in love with each other, but Ana seems to push back even more in this film in regards to being her own person. Christian is still fairly emotionally stunted in the film, resorting to his usual "if I keep her in a safe little box nothing can hurt her" methods of protecting his now wife. he also has a bad habit of falling back into old patterns when he can't deal with things. Good news though everyone, Ana really steps up and calls him on his bullshit. 

I am sure there will be plenty of haters who will say not to see this film, but ya know what? Screw that, if you enjoy this they get out there and go. This was easily my favorite film in the series and it contains the most universally accepted content action and sex. This will be the film your significant others shouldn't bind seeing because about halfway through you will forget all about the previous Fifty Shades films and be really into this one. Is it perfect? Hell no. Is that why I went to see it because I thought it would be? Also, hell no. We all know what we are getting here so let's not pretend otherwise. It still doesn't change that this was the best of the three films. There is still cheesy dialog and some parts that will make you say "oh, come on!' But I do that with every action film I see at some point, so what is the difference? Nothing.  So forget the haters and head to the movies. We scored Fifty Shades Freed with a solid B rating. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters everywhere February 9th.

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