Ray's Review: Opening Night

Opening Night

Anyone with any experience in theater at all knows the chaos that can revolve around opening night. Whether it is worrying that all the cast nails their lines and hits their marks or that all the props and set work like they are supposed to, the things your stage managers have to keep up with are enough to rattle even the most sturdy of cages. Throw in a splash of personal drama to the mix and it can come down on your like a tidal wave of stress. In Isaac Rentz latest film Opening Night we get a taste of just that. The film centers around Nick (Topher Grace) a former Broadway star who is struggling to manage the opening night of a new play on Broadway called "One Hit Wonderland" as from large ego's like JC Chasez, Anne Heche, and Taye Diggs, he is struggling to keep the show's producer (Rob Riggle) in check all while pining for the affection of his ex-girlfriend Chloe (Alona Tal) who is taking center stage as one of the shows leads. Needless to say, it is a world of pure chaos. 

Through the chaos, however, we are left with a fairly entertaining flick. If you are even a small fan of musical theater this is definitely something you should check out. There are a small number of musical numbers that the cast performs, but I wouldn't call this movie a musical. The singing numbers feel like something more along the lines of GLEE than an actual musical. Topher Grace plays his typical self in this film (Sorry Topher, you are just kinda always playing the same guy). Taye Diggs is more than a little amusing in this film as is JC Chasez who clearly isn't afraid to make fun of himself and his boy band history. One of my favorites in the film was Alona Tal, where did this girl come from? She was really fun to watch and did a great job onscreen. I know she has been a TV actress for awhile now, but hopefully, we will get to see more of her on the big screen.

Overall, I scored Opening Night with a B+. it was a fun light-hearted film about musical theater that packs a few laughs and plenty of fun. This one is an easy watch.  So definitely check it out.

OPENING NIGHT will be released August 1st in the U.S. via Wolfe Video on DVD.

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