Top movie soundtracks of the 90's!

The fine art of the movie soundtrack has gone by the wayside recently, but in the 90's it was just as important as the movies we fell in love with. Here is our list of the top 10 movie soundtracks of the 90's in no particular order!


Empire Records - 1995

Bringing killer tracks like Gin Blossoms - Til I Hear It From You, The Cranberries - Liar, & Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You, what is not to like about this soundtrack?


Romeo & Juliet - 1996

Baz Lurhman's imagining of the classic Romeo and Juliet was amazing, but was really sold this movie was the kick ass soundtrack that went along with it bring big names like Garbage, Everclear, Butthole Surfers, and Radiohead to your ear drums in this dark and emotional soundtrack.


The Craft - 1996

When Hollywood gave us the story of 4 creepy cool witches they also gave us a creepy cool soundtrack to go along with it. Just as mystical as its movie counterpart you can enjoy tracks from Our Lady Peace, Matthew Sweet, Letters To Cleo, and so much more!


Dangerous Minds - 1995

This gritty soundtrack brought the sounds of the inner city to suburban kids everywhere and took Coolio's stardom to new heights with his killer track Gangsta's Paradise.


Clueless - 1995

If there was a movie to speak to the 90's generation Clueless topped the chart. This film took the many stereotypes of the 90's a cranked them up to 11 in this film and the soundtrack is no different. Whether you're a pop princess or an emo college student there was something on here for everyone with songs of Radiohead, Jill Sobule, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and more!


Dazed & Confused - 1993

It is hard to find someone who hasn't fallen in love with the laid back antics of the cast of Dazed and Confused. If you want to find hit after hit, pick up this soundtrack and go to town. it was so good they actually had to make a follow-up soundtrack just to cram all the amazing music this film has to offer.


10 things I Hate About You - 1999

This upbeat and fun soundtrack brings us music from Letters to Cleo not once, but twice on this soundtrack, as well as tunes from George Clinton, Madness, Semisonic, Save Ferris, and The Cardigans.


Batman Forever - 1995

While Val Kilmer is hardly my favorite Batman, the Batman Forever soundtrack is easily one of my favorites from the 90's. It has hits on it like U2's Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me and Seal's Kiss From a Rose both of which blew up the airwaves when this movie came out. 


Wayne's World - 1991

Wayne's World not only showed the world that a simple SNL skit can actually be made into a great film, but they can also make a killer soundtrack. Music from Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Gary Wright, and of course Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. What's not to like?


Forest Gump - 1994

This giant two disc soundtrack is like a oldies/classic music hit parade. There is everything from Elvis Presley, the Byrds, to The Doors on here. It is music many of us grew up with our parents listening to which is why it is such a good soundtrack even today.



Friends - 1995

This one isn't a movie, I know, but for a TV show, it gave us not only one soundtrack, but two because the first was so popular. With great tracks from Hootie and The Blowfish, The Pretenders, and of course, The Rembrandts this soundtrack was a chart topper. Plus as a bonus, there were audio snippets from the show between a lot of the sounds so you never forgot what soundtrack you were listening to.

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