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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

DC Comics has been in a filming slump for some time trying to give us the successful juggernaut superhero films we have grown to expect from Hollywood. After the disaster that was Batman Vs Superman, I didn't want to get my hopes up to high for their latest flick Wonder Woman. Don't get me wrong Gal Gadot was easily my favorite part of BvS, but she was only in the film for all of about 15mins. Could DC give us the Wonder Woman film we have all been waiting for and deserve? The answer is a resounding HELL YES! Thank you, Patty Jenkins, (Director) for this movie! Thank you, Gal Gadot for being everything we wanted in our Wonder Woman. You straight up kick ass. Before I get lost in a gushy rant about how much I loved this movie, let's break it down what we are seeing.

This film gives us Wonder Woman's back story, basically before she was actually Wonder Woman. In the beginning, she was simply Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Her people are fierce warriors whose job it is to protect humans from the god of war, Aries, who seeks to pit man against man and let them destroy each other. The Amazons live on a hidden island and continue to train their fighting skills until Aries comes back and they are needed. Their life is pretty peaceful until one day a pilot crash lands into their hidden world. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is a British spy who is on the run from the Germans. When he crashes into Diana's world he brings with him an army of German soldiers who basically slay a many Amazon warrior women in their attempt to kill Steve.  When the dust settles the Amazons are of course victorious, but it comes with a cost. Several of their own are dead and Diana has had a glimpse of a world she is drawn to protect. Convinced that it is Aries who is bringing about this world war she sets off with Steve to put a stop to this destruction once and for all. 

This film is awesome. I love the approach Gal Gadot has to Diana. She is both curious and tender and then in the next instant a true warrior. She is still realizing the extent of her powers and it is fantastic to watch her grow with every battle. Chris Pine brings humor and charm to Steve and his relationship with Diana.  These two together on the screen are electric. As cool as they are on screen together, they can't hold a candle to just watching Wonder Woman do her thing. When Diana goes full on battle mode it is fan-freakin-tastic. The best part is that none of your favorite tools are left out of this film. God killer sword - Check. Lasso of truth - Check. Her sweet bullet-stopping gauntlets - check check. This is what we have been waiting for and the film has no shortage of fighting. I mean, we are in the middle of Europe during the war, fighting is literally all they are doing. What better place for Diana to come in and right the wrongs that are happening? This is one of the few films I have been in that when the superhero on screen starts showing off their moves that people were actually yelling and clapping along with Diana. It makes it hard not to be excited about what we are watching.

The film has a solid story that flows with no issues. It is packed with likable characters and creepy villains. The action is big and crazy and over the top. There isn't much not to like about DC's latest film Wonder Woman. So with that said get out to the theater this weekend and go see this movie! Also while you are at it lets all cross our fingers and hope that Justice League will give us more of their bad ass story telling and separate itself from the nightmare that some of their other films have been. You will be hard pressed to find a better film at the box office this weekend!

Don't miss Wonder Woman in theaters everywhere June 2nd.

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