Song to Song premiere at SXSW 2017!

Song to Song is the latest creation from the mind of Terrence Malik. The film which was shot over the course of five years, claims to boast a music heavy theme and story centers around it's four main characters played by Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman. It presents us with a twisted love triangle that hangs heavy over our cast and slowly takes a dark turn. Gosling and Mara play BV and Faye, two characters that are instantly attracted to each other and begin seeing each other. The problem? Their mutual friend Cook, played by Michael Fassbender. Cook and Faye are actually hiding a relationship from BV and it is definitely weighing on Faye. Things quickly spiral out of control from there.

The film made its premiere at SXSW 2017 and brought its star power to the red carpet.  We highly recommend checking out our cast interviews below, but definitely, suggest you see Rooney Mara's. When we asked her if the film was more of a love blooming type of story or if it was more of a breakup story, she told us she wasn't sure because she hadn't yet seen the film, and she wasn't sure if she was even in it at all. If that doesn't leave you perplexed nothing will. Much of the movie was shot without a script or with an ever-changing script so it is next to impossible to imagine that this film wouldn't be a total trainwreck and but to no one's surprise it is. Terrance Malik's ever changing story is a complete mess. The filming seems like something a teenager did with their cell phone. The story is weird a muddled. The dialog leaves much to be desired. It is basically what I would imagine you would get if you asked a young inexperienced film student to create a deep a meaningful film over the weekend with no script or budget to speak of. The film also claimed to be very music heavy and playing like a love story to Austin's music scene and aside from some music in the film I really didn't feel that coming from this one. It was trying so hard to be indie that it ruins itself.  I am not sure if this is the movie that Malik was hoping to make or if it was what the cast though they were creating, but I feel like this is a waste of some serious A-list talent. 

Overall, I would highly recommend sitting this one out. It was not the film that you see in the trailer (the trailer is 100% more put together that the entire movie). This one is rough to sit through and how they got all this talent in one film is pretty amazing. We scored this one with a D. There are quality indie films out there, I promise you. This sadly is not one of them. 

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