Ray's Review: Beauty and The Beast

After much waiting for the release of the live action Beauty and The Beast film, it has finally arrived bringing with it all the magic and song of the animated original feature.  Disney has proven to us that their live action films can be just as majestic as their animated counter-parts (definitely, see The Jungle Book if you haven't) and Beauty and The Beast is no exception. With Emma Watson taking up the lead role and Belle and Dan Stevens playing the role of our Beast we couldn't be given a more perfect cast of leads.  The story is, of course, the same as the animated film. A spoiled prince is turned into a beast after shunning an enchantress when she asked for help. Doomed to remain a beast until someone can truly love him and he love them in return. 

First, let me say that Emma Watson is a delight to watch in this movie. She was meant for this role and fits it to a Tee. With her beautiful voice and acting skills, she really breathes life into the role of Belle. Dan Stevens, though covered in fur, is also excellent as Beast. He gives the character a much more serious brooding quality than in the animated film, but it just adds to the realism of the movie. Luke Evans takes on the role of Gaston, the overly egotistical meathead who is in "love" with Belle and is determined to make her his wife. He was one of the few castings that I was a little hesitant on, but he is a truly wonderful Gaston. Josh Gad as LeFou is also a breath of fresh air in the film, bring sass and comedy to the more serious moments and as far as all the drama surrounding his character it is nothing but stupidity on the part of hateful people. Literally, the only thing that even blatantly shows LeFou doing anything gay is at the very end of the film for about 1/2 a second when he goes to dance with another guy after his female dance partner moves on. Again this lasts a split second. Get over yourself Alabama. 

Overall the movie is everything I personally wanted from this remake. beautiful sets and scenery. Disney stayed pretty true to the original work which is a relief. It is just what I, as a fan of the original, wanted and need to see. I may have even gotten a bit teary watching Be Our Guest just out of pure nostalgia. This is definitely a film that kids will flock to and it should prove to dazzle them as much as the animated movie. I say well done to director Bill Condon and Disney for giving us a truly worthy live action remake of this classic film.  We Scored this one with an easy A. Forget what the haters say and grab the family and head to the theaters to see Beauty & The Beast. You are sure to enjoy it.

Beauty and The Beast opens in theaters everywhere March 17th.

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