An American In Paris cast interview with Nick Spangler!


An American In Paris is a classic musical many have seen and adore. It is hard to resist the fancy dance moves of Gene Kelly and the sweet songs and music of the Gershwin brothers. Theater Under The Stars brings this classic tale to town with  An American In Paris - A New Musical. Though there are some differences in this story compared to the film, the show still brings with it all the heart and emotion we have come to love from its movie counterpart. With a talented cast and some excellent choreography bringing this show to the Houston Stage, it is easy to fall in love with An American In Paris.  The show tells the story of a young American soldier who decides to stay in Paris after WWII comes to an end and become a painter. Along the way, he meets two gentlemen who quickly become his close friends and also meets a mysterious young woman who steals his heart. 

Bringing the show to life is Garen Scribner as Jerry Mulligan, Sara Esty as Lise Dassin, Etai Benson as Adam Hochberg, and Nick Spangler as Henri Baurel. Each of these actors put their "Fidgety Feet" to the test as the musical is incredibly dance heavy. The dancing here is what actually sets this musical apart from many you may have seen before at the Hobby Center. Not only are there several long dance numbers they are complex ballet numbers. Coming from someone who hasn't spent a lot of time watching the ballet it is hard not to be impressed with the choreography showcased here. 

When you aren't being wowed by the actors, you should definitely be taking some time to appreciate the creative set design being used during the show. With the use of projectors this musical is able to make sure of the entire stage with beautiful shots of Paris architecture and carefully placed mirror and props bring each setting to life with minimal effort. From grand broadway-style sets to very minimal numbers the set designers have mastered the use of lighting and perspective to give the show everything it needs to come to life before your eyes. 

This wholesome experience will be fun for the whole family and is one that should not be missed. Let An American In Paris sweep you off your feet playing now through March 5th at The Hobby Center! For information call 713-558-8887 or visit 

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