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Jordan Peele hits one out of the park with his latest project, the suspense horror film Get Out! This dark tale tells us the story of Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) who heads to meet his girlfriend Rose Armitage, parents for the first time in their secluded country home. What starts out as a normal meet the parent's situation slowly turns into something more sinister as Chris starts to notice strange things afoot at the Armitage home.

This film basically has everything you want to see in a horror movie without being a gorefest. There is tons of suspense, a few jump scares, and even plenty of laughs to keep the movie rolling. Peele perfectly lays out this story for us and it is an easy watch. Like many of the skits we have seen put together on Key and Peele this film is carefully orchestrated to give you the most bang for your buck. It not only plays out well as a horror film, but also the political messages that run throughout the film do not go unnoticed. The film has no problem taking issues like white privilege, civil rights, and racism and holding them up to the light for the world to examine. As these issues come to pass in the film they are handled in such a way that it doesn't feel like we are being lectured about them, but just stating them for what they are.

Daniel Kaluuya really does a phenomenal job in this film. Many may recognize him from his role in the TV series Black Mirror. He is perfect in the role of Chris and brings a lot to the character. Allison Williams as Rose also does a stellar job of bringing these complex characters to life on screen. Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener shine in their creepy roles as the head of the Armitage clan and easily flip the switch between being charming to instantly creepy at the bat of an eye. No one does a better job though than Betty Gabriel as Georgina and Marcus Henderson as Walter. These two characters are the front line when it comes to turning things from normal to crazy in this movie.  Bringing to light just how messed up this whole freak show actually is. These two really make you feel for them. And the internal struggle that each of these two characters displays is intense.  Lastly, a huge shout out to LilRel Howery who plays Chris's best friend Rod. Rod is the comic relief that is desperately needed when things start to get too bleak in this film. He is perfect in all the right places for being the best friend Chris not only needs but also deserves. 

From the minute the film begins and the creepy soundtrack starts to play this film pulls you in. It has something in it for everyone who likes suspense and horror to enjoy. Even those who many not be big horror fans may want to give Get Out a try at the box office. You just may be pleasantly surprised. We scored this one with an easy A+. Hopefully, this one does well at the box office because it deserves to. Take some time out of your busy schedule and don't miss Get out in theaters everywhere February 24th. 

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