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When Hugh Jackman announced this would be his last time putting on the claws as Wolverine in the film LOGAN I have to admit I was pretty sad. it is like the end of an era.Hearing that alone put a lot of pressure on the final Wolverine film to hit one out of the park. When news that the R rating came down  I was practically giddy to see this movie and guess what? It totally does not disappoint! The film introduces us to a much older and slower Logan. He is currently driving a limo to earn cash and it one of two caretakers watching over a much older and much more crippled Professor X. He has a plan to buy a houseboat and take Charles out to live on the open sea where they can be safe and free. They are some of the very last mutants on Earth and their powers have deemed them a danger to society. When a Hispanic woman shows up in Logan's life one day begging for his help, it quickly turns his world upside down.

This film does not make you wait for the action. The opening scene packs one hell of a punch and prepares you for just how real this version of Wolverine is going to get. If you have been waiting to see Logan slice a bad guy through the face with his claws, wait no longer. Everything from in your face action, to the langue we would expect from a guy like Logan, this gritty and intense ride was worth the wait. It is like watching the Wolverine film we have always wanted to see. It would have been nice to see this type of film with a younger version of the character, but we will take what we can get. 

Hugh Jackman absolutely slays this role. I cannot begin to express how much I will miss seeing him bring my favorite X-Men to the big screen. He brings so much depth and emotion to this character that is just incredible to watch. I spent most of the movie on the edge of my seat.  Patrick Stewart is always a delight to see as Charles Xavier. He is funny and endearing and still his the voice of reason throughout the film despite his handicaps. Dafne Keen as Laura, the young girl Logan is charged with protecting is also just as bad ass as her clawed counter-part. She has this edge about her that lets you know she can hold her own if a situation goes sideways. Boyd Holbrook as Pierce plays the villain in the film and is a great contrast to our heroes. He is oddly charming in a sleazy sort of way and has just enough edge of danger to him that makes you want to get closer but also keep your distance. 

Overall, this is one of the best Marvel films to date and we could not ask for a more perfect ending for one of the best characters in the series. Well done to Marvel for taking a chance on giving us solid R-rated superhero films and doing them right. Do not miss LOGAN when it hits theaters everywhere March 3rd! 

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