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The latest comedy on the scene is Ice Cube and Charlie Day's latest film Fist Fight. The film centers around Andy Campbell (Day) a passive English teacher, who on the last day of school finds himself squaring off with the school's very big and very scary History teacher Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) after a senior prank goes wrong. 

This film offers us the same antics we are used to seeing from Charlie Day and the same rough and tough guy act from Ice Cube. Fans of both should be pleased with their performance, but overall this film didn't do much for me. Yeah, it had a few funny lines here and there, but the over the top approach to the senior prank day was a bit hard to swallow. Plus watching Andy drag out his anxiety for this fight all day long was started to wear on my last nerve as the film progressed.  I know that this is a comedy and we should come to expect the cheap shots, but call me crazy for wanting more from this film. There is literally nothing new for us here. You know how this is going to turn out from the second your butt hits the theater seat. 

Jullian Bell was easily my favorite character in this movie giving us some way over the top jokes as they guidance counselor, Holly, who not only actively on drugs at school but is also the queen of saying inappropriate things at just the right times.  Tracy Morgan as Coach Crawford provides a couple laugh out loud moments, but overall doesn't really do much for this film. I do wish they had given Christina Hendricks a bigger part in the story because I felt it would have added a much-needed spin-off to the main plot as she is clearly over-the-top crazy and almost has it out for Andy as much as Strickland. 

At the end of the day, I would definitely recommend holding off before spending your cash on Fist Fight. It is just an average comedy that would serve you better coming at you from your preferred streaming service in your living room. The cast's talents just feel wasted with this film. Save yourself the time and money on this one.

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