Find Your Royal Title With This Name Generator ūüĎĎ

Step one:  Take the first letter of your first name to discover your new identity, listed as male/female/or the pronoun of your choosing:

A: Alastair/Anne

B: Benedict/Beatrix

C: Carlisle/Catherine

D: Daylen/Daphne

E: Edward/Eugenie

F: Frederick/Florence

G: George/Gwendolyn

H: Harry/Hermione

I: Irwin/Imogen

J: James/Juliette

K: Kerwin/Kinsey

L: Langdon/Leighton

M: Mervyn/Marigold

N: Nicholas/Nora

O: Osmond/Ophelia

P: Philip/Pandora

Q: Quincy/Qiana

R: Ridgewell/Rosalyn

S: Sheffield /Scarlett

T: Thomas/Tilda

U: Upton/Ursula

V: The Series Vincent/Violet

W: Wadsworth/Willa

X: Xavier/Xenia

Y: Yardley/Yasmine

Z: Zayden/Zara

Step two: Take the first letter of your last name to find out your surname: 

A: Arathorn

B: Bainbridge II

C: Calhoun

D: Devonte

E: Ethelbert

F: Fairbanks

G: Grafton

H: Huxley IV

I: Iverson

J: Jennison

K: Kingston VIII

L: Lawton

M: Mansfield

N: Needingham

O: Oswald II

P: Phineas

Q: Quinsley

R: Remington III

S: Sheffield

T: Thorndike III

U: Umbridge

V: Viscounte

W: Winthrop V

X: Xonuds

Y: Yarnell

Z: Zillowsby IV

Step three: Select the month you were born and just like that, welcome to royalty! 

January: Emperor/ Empress

February: Grand Prince/Grand Princess

March: Sir/Dame

April: Duke/Duchess

May: Baron/Baroness 

June: King/Queen

July: Grand Duke/Grand Duchess 

August: Archduke/Archduchess

September: Lord/Lady

October: High King/High Queen

November: Prince/Princess

December: Count/Countess

Step Four: Finally, the area your rule or dynasty you belong to. It's decided by the day of the month you were born. 

1: of Albermarle

2: of Clarence

3: of Avondale

4: of St. Andrews

5: of Connaught

6: of Strathearn

7: of Cumberland

8: of Gloucester

9: of Edinburgh

10: of Hereford

11: of Kendal

12: of Kent

13: of Kintyre

14: of Lorne

15: of Ross

16: of Sussex

17: of Windsor

18: of York

19: of Albany

20: of Bedford

21: of Norfolk 

22: of Somerset

23: of Teviotdale

24 of Cornwall

25: of Rothesay

26: of Bridgewater

27: of Montagu

28: of Leinster

29: of Wellington 

30: of Inverness

31: of Westminster

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