What This Neighbor Did For A Boy With Special Needs Has Gone Viral

Finn Daly

This FEEL GOOD comes to us from a quaint, tree-lined neighborhood across the country in Hartford, Connecticut. It's all about a young boy named Finn Daly and his neighbor Todd. Now, the main thing to know is that 6-year old Finn was born with Down Syndrome and has Autism as well. He's OBSESSED with flags! He loves being outside and exploring his block. His parents have even said he's really taken aback by flags, or anything that waves really. So, any walk the family takes, they have to stop at every flag.

Well, this time around a certain flag stood out to him. It was a special flag that stood above the rest, Finn LOVED this flag belonging to one of his neighbor's named Todd. Eventually, Todd caught wind of it that his flag hanging on his tree in the front yard has a big admirer. After finally stepping outside to meet Finn and his family. Todd knew he needed to do something special.

A few weeks later, Finn and his parents did their walk around the block and noticed something new in their neighbor's yard. A brand new bench that read


Insider note from Producer Darlene aka @SocialQueenDarlene:

"As a mother of a child with special needs, I am always inspired to see outsiders treating my daughter Bella with kindness. Bella is 11-years old and was born with Down Syndrome and years later became diagnosed with Autism as well. As her mother, I understand she may be intimidating to others who don't know her. The odd sounds that she makes and the strange way she may act is part of who she is, but it is not who she is. She may not appear to understand what's going on, but she is always moved her emotions. I've always felt like she is the ultimate vibe reader. She can read someone's vibe or energy very well. When someone treats her normal, her confidence gets stronger and she is able to do better for herself. Thank you for considering how you treat others, even when they may seem different."

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