#LoveSomeoneWithDelilah ... Harry Connick Jr. Podcast **LISTEN NOW!**

My heart be still! Talking with me today is one of America's most endearing heart-throbs; Harry Connick Jr is dialin' in to share the amazing journey he's recently taken with his film-maker daughter, Georgia.

Traveling over 3500 miles in a rented RV, this dynamic duo set out from their home in Connecticut, stopping in numerous cities and towns along the route to listen to the stories of essential workers - the janitorial staff and garbage collectors, grocery and gas station attendants, truckers, food preparers, and more. They listened, they learned, and many celebrity friends "Zoomed" in too giving their heartfelt thanks to these heroes who represent the heartbeat of America.

A new single came of this trip, "Stars Still Shine" - All proceeds from the sales will benefit the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music,- a phenomenal organization I encourage you to check out. Join us!