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Veterans Employment Services at Goodwill Houston

We all know how hard it can be to start over. This reality is very close to home for many Veterans

after serving in the military. Many Veterans have come to face realities such as homelessness,

unemployment, incarceration and lack of civilian skills once discharged. Goodwill Houston not

only acknowledges the many challenges Veterans face daily but strives to be an answer.

The Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) unites in-house employment training

while fostering an environment for stability, growth, and consistent support. Operation Good Jobs

(OBJ) assists with financial strengthening services for Veterans and their connected household

members to reestablish financial security, planning, and peace of mind. Not only are the services

beneficial but it’s also free for all Veterans to take advantage of.

Goodwill Houston Veterans workforce investment program identifies operated experiences that

turn into reliable and marketable skills for employment. Goodwill Houston believes in people and

empowers individuals by offering them second chances. The many programs, partners, and local

locations that Goodwill Houston dedicates to Veterans and their loved ones demonstrate their

continuous compassion for the Houston community.

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