Dana Tyson in the Morning

Dana Tyson in the Morning

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Remodeled In 2 Days! Dana's Shower Remodel with KOHLER Services Houston

Think a bath or shower remodel is too time-consuming to consider? With a turnaround of just two days, KOHLER Services Houston helped Sunny 99.1’s Dana Tyson transform an outdated bathtub into a luxurious shower retreat.

When Dana isn’t hosting her famous morning show, her passion is giving new life to old houses in her beloved Houston community. Her latest reno project, a country barn built in 1925, was a blank canvas she was eager to transform into a modern work of art.

Dana wanted to remodel the bath space, which had a large bathtub and outdated showerhead, into an “oasis.” During her search for a local bath remodeling company, she discovered KOHLER Services Houston on Instagram. She trusted the KOHLER name and had used the brand’s products in her home before, so she called KOHLER Services and scheduled a consultation with Sara, a Design Expert.

Sara visited Dana’s barn to survey the shower space and discuss design options. “It was an incredible experience, showing me all the options,” Dana said. “She helped me narrow it down to something that I thought I would love for a glam renovated barn. She found the perfect color combination.”

Dana’s design choices, including KOHLER LuxStone shower walls in White Brick, a luxurious rainhead, body sprays and more, were installed by a team of KOHLER Services Installation Experts. They removed the old bathtub and showerhead and installed the base, walls and fixtures—all in two days. Dana also appreciated how they completed most of their work in their truck to minimize the dust and debris inside her home.

The no-stress remodel made it easy for Dana to keep an eye on the bigger picture, ending up with a beautiful renovation complete with a bathroom oasis for end-of-day relaxation.

“You would think that this would be a two-week process, minimum,” Dana says. “I went from a bathtub to this beautiful walk-in shower system in two days.”

Design your own shower oasis with KOHLER Services Houston and request a free consultation today!

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