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I Found A Campsite In The Woods Behind My House

If you were listening to our show recently, you may have heard me talk about the creepy campsite I found behind my house.

My wife and I took a path through the woods on our daily walk and came across it.

Here's the TikTok I made...

I figured I would blog about it since I've received so many comments and emails about it.

It does look like a cool hangout that kids have made, but it was a bit eerie when we were there.

Here's a closer look at the shelter...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

I like what they did here.

We have several log benches, a tabletop surface and a pretty well constructed hut.

I'm guessing those log benches are for kids...or some kind of council of elders.

Here's another look at the clearing...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

That blanket was already gone by the time I came back to shoot my video.

The yellow cooler in the back was being used to collect rainwater.

In Conclusion, I'm positive this was just a cool hangout that some kids made.

As a kid, I would totally love it...but as an adult, it kind of creeps me out.


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