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Jay's Weekend In Five Pictures 3/24-3/26

I'm getting real tired of my weekends not being long enough.

We were on the go every day.

On Friday, I stopped by Shipley Do-Nuts for a Cougar Paw...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

Wouldn't the Cougar Paw be more accurate if it was missing one of the toes?

Maybe they could take it off and add a donut hole to my bag.

I put that pic on the Sunny 99.1 Instagram and Shipley Do-Nuts shared it!

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

That made me so happy...unlike the game.

I watched the Cougars fall to the Miami Hurricanes.

I really wanted the Coogs to win, but that's why its called March MADNESS.

On Saturday, we went to watch Cash play in his first soccer game at Katy Park.

He played goalie and did pretty good.

His team is called the Fire Tigers.

I think the kids came up with the name.

The match ended in a 2-2 tie.

On Sunday, we were in Cypress doing some cat-sitting.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

That's Ace and he's a good, fluffy boy.

I love visiting him and digging my face in his fur.

Finally, Julie and I finished another puzzle...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

That's a 1000-piece puzzle from Clementoni featuring a Story Map of Frozen.

I really enjoy puzzles with a bunch of characters.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading.



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