Dana Tyson in the Morning

Dana Tyson in the Morning

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Thursday Morning Recap

-Win Tickets To See Taylor Swift At NRG Stadium (LINK)

-Win Invites To The Uptown Holiday Lighting VIP Reception (LINK)

-How You Can Help The 44th Annual Thanksgiving Super Feast (LINK)

-Justin Verlander Wins His Third Cy Young Award (LINK)

-Taylor Swift Concert Tickets Are Selling For Thousands On The Secondary Market (LINK)

-What Is The Best Thing On The Thanksgiving Dinner Table? (LINK)

-Nearly Impossible Question: The most disliked Thanksgiving food is THIS. What is it?

(***Cranberry sauce***)

-NIQ Winner: Melissa M. in Spring won tickets to see Baby Shark LIVE: The Christmas Show!

-Name That Tune Winner: David M. in Conroe won $100 and qualified for a Florida vacation for identifying Frosty The Snowman in six notes!

-Battle Of The Burbs Winner: Julie A. in League City won tickets to see Taylor Swift at NRG Stadium!


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