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Which online photos help sell your home?

Online real estate listings make searching for a new home fast and easy for potential buyers. Being able to browse scores of homes in just minutes is great.

But a new study has found that the most compelling photo for an online real estate listing may not be one of a home's front exterior.

Photo: Getty Images

Pictures of bedrooms were the best draws, followed closely by kitchen photos. Pictures of a home's front placed a distant fifth.

The research, conducted by the real estate photography outfit HomeJab with help from the artificial intelligence firm Restb.ai, also found that high-quality, professional photos were more effective in selling homes. Thousands of listings were sorted through for the analysis.

The top 5 images that most interested homebuyers:

1. Bedrooms
2. Kitchens
3. Living rooms
4. Bathrooms
5. Front exterior

Past research from the Center for Realtor Development shows that top-notch photographs help homes sell 32 percent faster. And homes in the $200,000 to $1 million price range sell for $3,000 to $11,000 more when marketed with professional images.

Rounding out the Top 15 listing photos in the HomeJab study were:

6. Dining area
7. Aerial (Drone footage)
8. Yard
9. Back exterior
10. Patio terrace
11. Home office
12. Laundry room
13. Deck
14. Hallway
15. Foyer

The bottom six were basement, garage, front door, pool, stairs, and walk-in closets.

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